Real Madrid DIRTY History Against FC Barcelona ► Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Franco Regime ||HD||

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FC Barcelona history and the ACTUAL true history of Real Madrid CF & it’s so called success |

~ Real Madrid vs Barcelona , Barcelona vs Real Madrid : The roots of the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is actually a fascinating study into the Spanish history of the early-to-mid 20th century. Real reason of the rivalry between the two clubs is because of the traditional standing of the two provinces politically. Madrid, as the capital of Spain and the seat of the royal family, was seen as the region promoting conservatism. Barcelona, as the capital of Catalonia, was the district which was at the forefront of ushering in the modern era in everything – fashion, republicanism etc. Hence a regional rivalry always existed between these two regions. Franco regime was centred, politically and economically, around Madrid. For this reason, Real Madrid, as the most successful team in the city, and the most prestigious team of entirely Castilian identity, was always likely to be the preferred team of the dictator. It was for this reason that the Generalísimo paid regular visits to watch the side in the 1950s and ’60s, especially during their most successful period when, inspired by the majestic Di Stefano, they won five consecutive European Cups between 1956 and 1960.

~ The First Ever Encounter : El Clasico , the first ever encounter between the two clubs occurred on May 13, 1902. Barcelona won thatencounter 3-1,owing to the “6 foreigners that they lined up”, according to the official Real Madrid website. Classic case of sour grapes, thus kicking off the biggest rivalry in all of world football.

~ The Spanish Civil War : The war raged from 1936 to 1939, and was the major factor in shaping the rivalry as we see it today. General Francisco Franco successfully staged a coup and captured Madrid in 1939 to end the war. Since Barcelona bitterly fought Franco’s policies, he held a particular anger against that region, often resorting to murder or torture to get his point across – that a different culture and society under his rule would not be tolerated. Now, football was growing as an outlet of the people’s views and sentiments. Hence, the people of Catalonia started supporting FC Barcelona in hordes, just to show that they are united in their hatred of General Franco, and to celebrate their unique culture and languages. In fact, FC Barcelona became “mes que un club,” more than a club, to Catalans as well as to progressives and left-leaning Spaniards across the country.

~ The Di Stefano Signing : As if the war wasn’t enough, the battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid for the signature of Alfredo Di Stéfano took the rivalry to new heights. In 1953, Di Stefano had been plying his trade in Colombia for Millionarios when he was spotted by both Spanish clubs. He actually belonged to the Argentine club River Plate, but was on loan to the Colombians due to a player’s strike in Argentina. Both clubs sent emissaries to sign him, and after long and protracted negotiations, FIFA ruled that FC Barcelona would sign Di Stefano. Here is where the government in the form of the Spanish Football Federation stepped in – they banned the signing of any foreign player in Spain, allowing Real to swoop in and agree a deal with Di Stefano. This led to an impasse, which was resolved when the Spanish Federation ruled that Di Stefano would be allowed to play four years in Spain, two for Barcelona and two for Real. Barcelona though, backed out of this deal (supposedly on the orders of their Franco-backed president), which allowed Real Madrid to become the sole owner of Di Stefano. The rest,as they say, is history, as he led Real Madrid to 8 league titles, but more importantly, 5 consecutive European crowns, leaving Barcelona in their wake. This left more than a bitter taste in FC Barcelona’s fans’ mouth.

~ The Death of Gamper : Joan Gamper the founder of FC Barcelona was banned from the club which led to his suicide.

~ Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona : On Barcelona’s part, there is a story, also steeped in myth, which sums up the way they were perceived and treated by the regime. The story goes that, in 1943, after winning the first leg of a cup semi-final against Real Madrid 3-0, Barcelona’s players were paid a visit by one of Franco’s cronies, who reminded them that they were only allowed to play at all due to “the generosity of the regime”, and suggested in no uncertain terms that they ease off in the second leg. Real Madrid went on to win that game 11-1, by far the biggest win in Clásico history.



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