Top 10 Ridiculous Skills Invented By Ronaldinho

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In this video:

10. Ronaldinho’s Elastico ( Flip Flap ):
Ronaldinho Elastico Flip Flap vs Zaragoza
Ronaldinho Elastico Flip Flap vs Chelsea

9. Shoulder Trick ( Chest Control )
Ronaldinho Chest Control vs Real Betis

8. No Look Sombrero
Ronaldinho Sombrero vs osasuna

7. Backheel Nutmeg
Ronaldinho nutmeg vs Manchester United
Ronaldinho nutmeg vs Chievo

6. Dancing Skill
Ronaldinho goal vs Chelsea

5. Ronaldinho’s Double Contact
Ronaldinho goal that would have been vs Athletic bilbao

4. Triple Sombrero
Ronaldinho Triple Sombrero vs Bilbao

3. Ronaldinho’s Turn
Ronaldinho turn vs Werder Bremen

2. Nutmeg + No Look Pass
Ronaldinho Nutmeg + No Look Pass vs England ( Steven Gerrard )
Ronaldinho Nutmeg + No Look Pass vs Espanyol

1. Back Trick ( Pass & Control )
Ronaldinho Back Assist to Giuly vs Sevilla
Ronaldinho Back Control

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