10 Impossible Things That Only Cristiano Ronaldo Did In Football HD

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In this video:

10. Cristiano Ronaldo high jump “jumping”
a. Cristiano Ronaldo jump vs Manchester United (Header goal) 2.88 metre
b. Cristiano Ronaldo jump vs Wales (header goal) 2.61
c. Cristiano Ronaldo header goal vs chelsea
d. Cristiano Ronaldo jump over benzema vs osasuna 2.80 metres
e. Cristiano Ronaldo jump vd copenhagen

9. Cristiano Ronaldo Overpowered goals with weak foot
8. Cristiano Ronaldo insane left foot assist vs getafe
7. Cristiano Ronaldo Overpowered goals
6. Cristiano Ronaldo silenced “calmed” el camp neu 5 times
5. Cristiano Ronaldo 5 goals in 2 games vs Neuer
4. Cristiano Ronaldo score +100 in Champions League
3. The only footballer to finish Champions League top-scorer in five consecutive seasons
Season 2012/13 12 Goals
Season 2013/14 17 Goals
Season 2014/15 10 Goals
Season 2015/16 16 Goals
Season 2016/17 12 Goals

2. Scoring 50+ goals in six consecutive seasons
Season 2010/11 54 Goals
Season 2011/12 60 Goals
Season 2012/13 55 Goals
Season 2013/14 51 Goals
Season 2014/15 61 Goals
Season 2015/16 51 Goals

1. Only player to score in seven consecutive international Championships

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