Cristiano Ronaldo and Ancelotti Compare Leg Flexibility in Real Madrid Training 2015 | Challenges

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Ancelotti Compare Leg Flexibility in Real Madrid Training 2015 | Challenges

Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlo Ancelotti compare flexibilty in latest Real Madrid antics The Real Madrid boss laughs at his star player in training… and confirms that they enjoy a bit of tomfoolery at The Bernabeu Being a Real Madrid player would be brilliant for a lot of reasons. Trophies. Money. Adoration. Getting to have regular kickabouts with the world’s best players.

But on top of all that, it seems training at Real Madrid is a right laugh. When they’re not making each other look silly , they’re making each look daft or just plain stupid .

The best part is that, as this video shows, even the gaffer likes to join in with the comedy shenanigans. At training earlier today, Carlo Ancelotti was so taken aback by Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s dynamic leg stretches, he tried to copy him – just for laughs.

Nice to know not all top managers are moody and grumpy .

The irony is that there once was a time when Ancelotti would have been able to get his leg above waist height. After all, this was a man who once played for AC Milan and Italy:

Cristiano Ronaldo Carlo Ancelotti challenged in training (VIDEO)
The practices of Real Madrid always have a funny story to give away. This time, ‘CR7’ challenged his coach. What did? Just one day of the match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, whites have fun while training. While Cristiano Ronaldo lifted his legs to warm, challenged Carlo Ancelotti, who accepted the challenge, but without much success …

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most disciplined athletes in the world. His discipline, order and consistency have made him a complete athlete. So when training, all exercises seem simple. This was demonstrated today in the heat: Cristiano Ronaldo lifted his legs up to his head and challenged Carlo Ancelotti to do the same.

After the challenge, the Italian coach not to be outdone, so he tried to lift his legs, but, as expected, did not like ‘CR7’. However, Carlo Ancelotti proved he can still.

Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo and his curious challenge Carlo Ancelotti [VIDEO] The Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, launched a fun challenge to his coach Carlo Ancelotti in the last merengue training.

Beyond the technical treatment of the player in the relationship between Carlo Ancelotti and Cristiano Ronaldo there is respect, admiration and confidence to joke in the training.

In the last practice of Real Madrid before the derby against Atletico Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo was raising up high legs when having close to his coach, he invited him to perform physical and effort Size: “Can and raise your leg? “.

Ancelotti accepted the proposal of the Portuguese crack but his attempt was unsuccessful unable to match the physical capacity of Cristiano. The Portuguese footballer Ancelotti challenged to stretch his leg to see if I could put it over your head. The Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Carlo Ancelotti staged anecdotal time of day before the game to be played this Saturday against Atletico Madrid in a new edition of the Madrid derby.

While doing the warm up on the practices of the institution merengue, Cristiano was stretching the legs to the point that ended his boot over his head.

Under the watchful eye of Carlo Ancelotti, the Portuguese footballer decided to challenge the coach to see how far I could get technical and demonstrating good environment existing at Real Madrid.
Cristiano Ronaldo Ancelotti challenged to undertake physical effort will be accepted Italian? Look what happened
Cristiano Ronaldo always requires the maximum in every workout and this time tried to coach the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, do the same exercise being undertaken. [LEE: Know the time and channel vs. Atletico Real Madrid in the Spanish League] The Portuguese footballer legs up very high and challenged the coach of Real Madrid to do the same, so the strategist said trying, without success. This happened in the last training ‘White House’ facing the Madrid derby against Atletico, to be played this Saturday from 10 hrs. at the Vicente Calderon stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlo Ancelotti compare flexibilty in latest Real Madrid antics

February 2015 video before the game against atletico de madrid (exercise of elasticity)

cR7 TROLLS trainer in video (up)


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